Do You Need a Free Cosmetic Consultation?

If you’re unhappy with the way your smile looks, you’re not alone. However, you may be the perfect candidate for our free cosmetic consultation! If you’re looking to improve your teeth, then look no further. Your dentists at Calcagno Cosmetic and Family Dentistry can work with you to highlight what you like about your smile and ‘makeover’ what you don’t like. Whether you’re embarrassed of your tooth discoloration, your teeth are crooked or they have small gaps between them – cosmetic dentistry may be in your future. So, what can you expect from a free cosmetic consultation?

During Your Consultation

Not only will you get to meet your dentist and take a look around the office during your free consultation, but you’ll also get to take a look at the future possibilities for your smile. Your dentist will start by asking you questions about your smile (what you like, what you don’t like) to get a better idea of what you want to change.

Then, using the latest technology, Dr. Calcagno and Dr. Heimer can show you an image of what your smile is projected to look like after your cosmetic procedure. All it takes is a picture of your current smile and then they’re able to apply the different treatment – whether it’s tooth whitening, bonding, or even porcelain veneers – and wa-la! Your future smile!

The Next Step

If you’re still hesitant about a cosmetic procedure, don’t worry – there isn’t any pressure to make a decision one way or the other after your consultation. In fact, you’ll get a printout of your projected results to take home with you. Then, if you make the decision to go ahead with the recommended procedure, you’ll just need to set an appointment!