5 Benefits Of General Dentistry

As you probably know, your oral health can affect your body’s overall health. What you probably don’t know is; that’s not the only benefit of maintaining a healthy smile! In order to do this, though, you’ll need the help of your dentist. Together, you can optimize your oral health by keeping your teeth clean and catching any conditions at their earliest stages. So, what are the other benefits of general dentistry? Your dentist is able to clean your teeth much more effectively than a toothbrush can, plus they have access to technology that can help them detect infections (like tooth decay) before they progress.

1. Evaluation

During your regular checkups, your general dentist will evaluate your teeth, gums, and other soft tissues around your mouth – looking for bacteria build up (among other things). They may give you some tips to help your oral hygiene routine at home.

2. Prevention

General dentistry helps prevent oral infections, cancers, and other dental complications. Regular cleanings can even help to prevent stains and discoloration from affecting your teeth!

3. Cavity Detection

With how advanced technology has become nowadays, your dentist has access to tools that can help them detect cavities (or other infections) at their earliest stages. If they’re able to do this, especially with cavities and gum disease (gingivitis), they often can reverse the infection altogether.

4. Restoration

On the other hand, if they’re unable to reverse the infection, general dentistry also includes treating that cavity with a filling. Dental fillings have also been used to help restore teeth when teeth have excessive wear on them (from bruxism) or have experienced a crack or break. Once restored, your tooth can function normally again!

5. Better Overall Health

As you probably already know, when your oral health declines, your body becomes more susceptible to other health complications because your immune system is already compromised. In fact, dental conditions – like gum disease – have been known to increase your risks for heart disease and other heart complications (like stroke).

When’s the last time you visited your dentist? Don’t wait to make that next appointment!