The Benefits of Bonded Fillings

No matter the size of your cavity, you’ll probably need a filling. Throughout the years of dental fillings, patients have had several materials to choose from; amalgam (silver), gold, etc. Now, dentists are using a newer material, known as composite-resin, to fill teeth that are suffering from tooth decay and cavities. Not only is this material tooth-colored (and can be matched to the shade of your natural teeth), it’s also able to physically bond with the structure of your tooth. Despite their popularity in the past, metal fillings don’t have either of these properties – and as if that isn’t reason enough to go with composite-resin, they have several other benefits too!

Benefits of Composite-Resin

  • Preserve More Tooth Structure

Because the composite-resin material is able to bond directly with your tooth, your dentist will likely only have to remove the infected portion of your tooth. Sometimes, with amalgam, it’s the opposite – more tooth structure may have to be removed in order to better secure the filling. However, if too much of the structure needs to be removed, it could compromise the overall integrity and strength of the tooth – so composite-resin can actually make your tooth stronger, which brings us to the next benefit…

  • Added Strength

While more tooth structure also means a stronger foundation, the fact that composite-resin can physically bond with the tooth provides additional strength as well. A stronger tooth helps to prevent cracks or breaks in the future, hopefully preventing unnecessary dental work.

  • Cosmetically Appealing

It’s no secret that a tooth-colored filling would be more cosmetically appealing – it blends in with your tooth and creates a seamless smile.

If you’ve been prolonging getting your cavity filled, don’t hesitate any longer. The longer you wait, the more the infection will progress – contact your dentist today!