When Does My Child Need A Checkup?

As an adult, you’ve heard that you need to visit the dentist about once every six months. You may not know, however, that children benefit from regular six-month dental exams too. When does your child need a checkup? How early should your child see the dentist? Routine checkups can help your child’s smile stay healthy and allow the doctor to treatment problems before they develop.

Frequently Asked Questions About Children’s Checkups?

Question: When should the first visit happen?

Answer: Once the first tooth arrives you should schedule your child’s first visit. The initial visit likely won’t include any treatment. Instead, the doctor will examine your little one’s mouth to ensure the teeth are erupting properly. Then, you can schedule the next visit.

Question: How often does a child need to visit the office?

Answer: Just like you, your child needs to see the dentist about once every six months. During these regular exams the doctor will look for signs of tooth decay, misalignment, or other oral health concerns. Routine visits also help little ones become accustomed to the dental office, reducing anxiety.

Question: Will my little one receive a dental cleaning?

Answer: In some cases the doctor may suggest a dental cleaning. Children of nearly all ages can receive them and the procedure involves removing plaque buildup from the surface of the teeth. A cleaning can freshen breath and reduce the risk of tooth decay and gum disease.

Question: What does the doctor look for during an exam?

Answer: The doctor looks for indicators of decay, whether this includes a cavity or one about to form. The doctor also makes sure the teeth are erupting properly. Malocclusion may require orthodontic treatment and addressing this early can reduce the length of time braces may be needed in the future. If you have any questions or would like to schedule a checkup then please contact our office today.