What Do You Know About Single Day Crowns?

From cracks or fractures to large cavities, dental crowns have been used to restore weakened teeth for centuries. However, the procedure has been altered and perfect over the course of those years – and now, technology has advanced it more than ever. Traditionally, dental crowns have been placed in two separate appointments – but now, your dentists here at Calcagno Family Dentistry can place your crown in just a couple hours by using CEREC. Have you heard about single day crowns? This truly revolutionary process shortens and simplifies your treatment completely.

Technology & Modern Dentistry

Along with the rest of the world, technology has dramatically advanced modern dentistry. Keeping up with the digital age, dentistry is constantly adopting new techniques and procedures to optimize oral health and patient comfort.

Traditional Crowns Vs. Single Day Crowns

The treatment time isn’t the only difference single-day crowns have from traditional crown placement. In fact, traditional crowns require a multiple-step process that spans over two appointments that can often be spread out more than a week apart! With a traditional procedure, your dentists will begin by shaping your tooth (to ensure a proper fit), but will then take an impression of the new shape. After placing a temporary crown, they’ll send off the impression to be made into your dental crown – and, as you can see, the process can be lengthy.

But, forget about dental impressions, temporary crowns, and most of all – waiting. By using CEREC, you’ll walk out of your dentists office with your actual crown in no time! The process involves a 3-D construction of your tooth on a Computer Aided Design (CAD) software program through taking 3-D images – and even involves molding your new dental crown right in the office. All that’s left is placing and cementing the crown to your damaged tooth, and then you’ll have a beautifully restored smile!