Making Maple Syrup To Bring In The Season Of Spring

While it may not quite feel like Spring here in Rochester, MN yet, rest assured – warmer days are in the near future! What better way to embrace the new season right around the corner than to make some maple syrup with your whole family? If you’re not familiar with the whole process – this weekend could be the perfect event for you. Learn how you can make sugar and maple syrup alongside some of the experts this weekend at Whitewater State Park. It’s a creative afternoon you can spend with your family (or friends) – and you’ll get to enjoy the sunshine for a while, too!

About The Event:

The Whitewater State Park hosts these large group activities year-round for the public, but can also host specific activities for smaller, individual groups (of 10 people or larger). Whether you’re a part of a school, for a birthday party, or even a scout group – enjoy the great outdoors while experiencing fun activities about nature.

Learning how to make maple syrup and sugar is a multiple-step process. The experts at Whitewater State Park will walk you through each step (on Saturday) to help you make your own batch! Start by tapping the trees yourself, then everyone will gather the sap. Afterwards, it needs to be boiled – but then, everyone’s favorite part comes next – tasting the pure maple syrup. Don’t miss out on this delicious treat (but also don’t forget to brush your teeth afterwards)!

Event Date & Time:

Saturday, March 19th, 2016 at 1pm

Event Location:

Whitewater State Park

19041 Highway 74, Altura, MN 55910

Event Admission:

It doesn’t cost anything to go to the event, but you will need a permit for your vehicle.


For additional questions or to schedule other group activities, please call 507-932-3007 ext 226 or email [email protected]