A Look at Modern Dental Technology

In addition to routine examinations and regularly-scheduled cleanings, your dental needs may occasionally include repairing one or damaged teeth, treating tooth infection and/or gum disease, or enhancing your smile’s overall appearance. Modern dental technology allows us to perform most procedures in a single visit, and with improved precision, efficiency, and more cosmetically-pleasing results.

Digital X-Rays

The most important aspect of effective dental care is an accurate diagnosis. Using advanced digital X-rays, your dentist can capture highly-detailed images instantly, then project the X-rays onto a chairside monitor that you can view along with her. Digital X-rays also produce up to 90% less radiation than traditional, photography-based X-rays, making them safer as well as more efficient.

Intraoral Cameras

X-rays are not the only images we need to accurately diagnose your dental condition and create customized treatment options. A digital intraoral camera is a small imaging device controlled by a thin, flexible wand. It allows your dentist to view areas of your teeth, gums, and oral tissues that are difficult to see otherwise. The camera’s digital feed is projected onto the chairside monitor, where your dentist can view it and use it to educate you about your oral health.

CEREC Same-Day Restorations

Your time is valuable, and much of modern dental technology is designed to help you receive the treatment you need in a time-effective manner. With CEREC technology (which stands for Chairside Economical Restoration of Esthetic Ceramics), your dentist can prepare and measure your teeth, then create and place your porcelain restoration all in the same day. CEREC reduces the number of visits you’ll need to receive a dental crown or other lifelike porcelain restoration.

Custom Oral Appliances

Mouthguards are best-known for protecting the teeth of athletes who play contact sports. However, mouthguard-like oral appliances can be utilized for a number of different purposes, from alleviating teeth-grinding to helping your jaw rest comfortably to alleviate TMJ disorder. Each appliance is custom-designed to fit comfortably and achieve its purpose without interfering with your daily routine.