Will The Dentist Show How My Smile Will Look?

When it comes to cosmetic dental procedures like teeth whitening, every individual patient’s results will vary depending on their natural tooth color and the current shade of their teeth. Often times, patients struggle to envision what their smile will look like afterwards. Can you imagine if you were able to see what your results would look like before undergoing a whitening procedure? With technology nowadays, this has become possible through SNAP Instant digital imaging! By using this software, your dentist can help you to decide the best cosmetic plan to optimize the aesthetic appeal of your smile.

How Does SNAP Imaging Work?

Cosmetic dental work can get pricey at times – depending on the scope of work. We know how it can be somewhat unnerving to spend money without knowing how the results will turn out. But now, you can put your mind at ease with SNAP digital imaging. The process is actually quick and easy!

After your dentist has an up-close photo of you smiling (and showing your teeth), they’ll transfer the image into the software. Then, they’ll select the procedure – in this case, teeth whitening – and there you have it! You’ll see the image of yourself side-by-side comparing your smile now, versus what your smile could look like after the cosmetic treatment.

How Does Teeth Whitening Work?

One of the most preferred ways to whiten your teeth is by using at-home teeth whitening trays. Often times, the whitening gel supplied with these trays is of lesser concentration than your dentist would use in their office. However, KoR Whitening actually combines the two to create a deep bleaching at-home system for brightening your smile. KoR Whitening starts with a whitening treatment from your dentist, followed by wearing these custom-made trays at home over a certain time period. 

Now, one of the main concerns when it comes to deep bleaching is tooth sensitivity. But, by using KoR Whitening, you’ll actually visit your dentist once you’re done with the trays for the last treatment – a deep bleaching incorporating a desensitizing agent to protect your new pearly whites.

With the use of our SNAP imaging software and Kor Whitening system, we can eliminate any concerns you may have about whitening your teeth!