Can You Fix A Smile In A Day?

Have you chipped or broken a tooth? Are you experiencing a toothache as a result of a decayed, infected, or cracked tooth? All of these issues, as well as many cosmetic concerns, can be addressed with a restoration or cosmetic treatment. However, you may assume treatment requires multiple visits. What if we could fix a smile in a day?


We can actually repair teeth with a dental crown in a single day. In the past, placing one required between two and three visits. However, we can take digital impressions of a prepared tooth, then use the information gathered to create a 3D model and mill the tooth from a solid block of ceramic. The CEREC system ensures the dentist can place comfortable, natural looking restorations in a single day. We may recommend one for:

  • Fixing broken/cracked teeth
  • Completing root canal procedures
  • Addressing issues with the shape and color of the tooth
  • Anchoring dental bridges into place
  • Completing single tooth dental implants


Instead of fitting over a tooth like crowns, a veneer is placed onto the front. Using CEREC technology, we can also create and place these natural looking restorations in a single visit. Reasons for placing a porcelain veneer include:

  • Masking discoloration
  • Changing the shape of the tooth
  • Correcting the appearance of minor alignment issues
  • Closing gaps between teeth

Dental Bonding

Dental bonding is cost-effective procedure we can complete in a single visit. We use this option to repair chips or issues with a tooth’s appearance in one visit. However, instead of a restoration we apply several layers of a specially shaded composite resin, which cures under a light. For some, this can be more affordable alternative to a veneer or crown in the situations where the damage is minor. If you have any questions about our single visit treatments for fixing a tooth, contact our office today.