Month: February 2016

An Overview Of Dental Implant Benefits

Once ‘permanent’ teeth are lost, normal daily functions like chewing or speaking can become exceptionally difficult. Over time, your bone can begin to deteriorate – affecting the shape of your face and jaw structure. Dental implants are an innovative way to restore complete functionality of a natural tooth. Made out of a biocompatible material, titanium,… Read more »

March Fun In Rochester, MN

Looking for fun family activities to do in Rochester, MN? Our community has so much to offer. At Calcagno Cosmetic and Family Dentistry, we like to take this time to remind our patients about everything happening in our city. In addition, we want to remind you that you can stop by anytime to discuss our… Read more »

How Do You Fixed Discolored Teeth?

Ever wonder, “How do you fix discolored teeth?” Everyone wants a bright smile. A row of pearly whites can be a source of confidence and also a sign of good oral health. However, a variety of factors can lead to the onset of yellow or brown stains on the teeth. Fortunately, we have cosmetic procedures… Read more »

How Do Implants Compare To Bridges?

A whole smile is both healthy and attractive. However, tooth loss can endanger both. Losing your teeth can lead to serious complications. However, you have options for restoring your smile to full function and appearance. You can select a common option, such as a dental bridge, or a more advanced one, such as dental implants…. Read more »

Can You Fix A Smile In A Day?

Have you chipped or broken a tooth? Are you experiencing a toothache as a result of a decayed, infected, or cracked tooth? All of these issues, as well as many cosmetic concerns, can be addressed with a restoration or cosmetic treatment. However, you may assume treatment requires multiple visits. What if we could fix a… Read more »

How Can My Kids Stay Cavity-Free?

Parents often ask us, “How can my kids stay cavity-free?” Well, there are just a few simple steps to reducing the risk of tooth decay in children. These may not prevent all cavities, as some children are more susceptible to dental caries, but they can significantly improve oral health and strengthen their smiles’ defenses against… Read more »

Fun Times In Rochester, MN

At Calcagno Cosmetic and Family Dentistry, we once again look at all of the fun and exciting events happening in our community. There’s something for everyone, from children to adults. In addition, don’t forget to stop by our office for a routine checkup and cleaning. After all, everyone deserves to hit the town with a… Read more »

Can You Replace Missing Teeth?

You can lose a tooth due to a variety of factors. Injury, poor oral hygiene, and advanced gum disease are all factors behind adult tooth loss. Can you replace missing teeth? Yes. Using dental implant technology, we can restore your lost teeth and help your smile become whole again. You can then eat and speak… Read more »

Who Benefits From Invisalign?

At Calcagno Cosmetic and Family Dentistry, Dr. Calcagno has the rare distinction of being an Invisalign Preferred Provider. She has performed many procedures and has the skills and knowledge necessary to help you achieve an even smile. But who benefits from Invisalign? Can anyone obtain a straighter smile from clear aligners?

What Type Of Crown Do I Need?

A dental crown is often needed to repair damaged teeth or address problems from infection or severe tooth decay. However, these restorations are made from a variety of different materials. What type of crown do you need? Will your newly fixed tooth look natural? Let’s look at what kinds of crowns our office offers and… Read more »