The Benefits Of Tooth Replacement

Many adults lose permanent teeth as a result of poor oral hygiene, injury, or most likely, untreated gum disease. When you end up with missing teeth both your health and appearance suffer. Fortunately, we have prosthetics that can replace one or multiple missing teeth. Would you like to learn more about the benefits of tooth replacement?

Frequently Asked Questions About The Benefits of Tooth Replacement

Question: Can tooth loss lead to misalignment?

Answer: Yes. When you lose a tooth the surrounding teeth may begin to drift from their places, the gap causing misalignment to form. When you have any uneven smile, then thorough brushing and flossing becomes difficult, leading to a greater risk of tooth decay and gum disease forming. In addition, the pressure misalignment places on the jaw joints can lead to a higher chance of developing TMJ disorder or bruxism.

Question: Can I take on an older appearance?

Answer: In some cases, yes. The body takes notice of the missing tooth root and stops supplying that are of the jawbone with doses of calcium or phosphorus. Without these nutrients the jawbone around the lost teeth can actually dissolve. The patient then takes on an older appearance as facial collapse occurs.

Question: What are my replacement options?

Answer: You actually have a few different options available. In many cases, a dental bridge can replace a tooth can prevent the onset of misalignment. In addition, partial dentures can be used to replace multiple lost teeth, allowing you to eat easier and avoid misalignment from developing. Dental implants not only replace a tooth, but the implant post acts as a new root, stimulating jawbone growth and preventing facial collapse.

Question: Will my new teeth look natural?

Answer: No matter option we decide is best for you, we take steps in the fabrication and design to ensure the prosthetic looks natural and blends with your smile.