Did You Break A Tooth?

Any type of physical damage that occurs to your teeth can cause you to feel somewhat panicked. After all, there’s nothing you can do on your own to repair missing tooth tissue, even minor damage can feel quite unsightly, and serious damage can lead to significant discomfort. Fortunately, rather than feeling overwhelmed if you break a tooth, all you have to do is schedule a visit with us. We will examine your tooth and provide you with the proper treatment, such as a beautiful dental crown.

Is It Just A Chip?

A “broken tooth” can mean many different things to different people. In the case that you suffer a very small break, which we refer to as a chip, your damage may qualify as “minor” or “cosmetic.” This means that the missing tissue is not esthetically pleasing – but it is also not affecting your oral health. In this instance, you will not require a dental crown. Instead, we can repair the damage by building up the target area with dental bonding for a simple, effective fix.

Is The Problem Severe?

If your problem is not cosmetic in nature, then you will require restorative care. For a broken tooth, we usually suggest a dental crown. A crown is a hollow, artificial tooth that we will place permanently over the damaged tooth to restore beauty and function. Our crowns are custom crafted out of lifelike materials, such as porcelain, so your tooth looks natural and fully restored.

Why Treatment Is Essential

If you neglect any type of breakage, it may worsen. A chipped tooth may catch your tongue or result in irritation. A broken tooth may affect the balance of your bite, may shatter too significantly for treatment, and is extremely vulnerable to infection. By receiving a dental crown or other treatment, you will enjoy a repaired smile, while preventing complications.