Tips For A Healthy Thanksgiving

In just a few days many of us will be joining our friends and family for a Thanksgiving celebration. In between the meals and conversation, you should take steps to protect your oral health. There are a number of tips for a healthy Thanksgiving. With these simple preventive steps you can help protect your smile from tooth decay and gum disease.

Watch What You Eat!

There are a lot of delicious options at a Thanksgiving dinner, and a lot of sugar and starch too. Who could turn down a piece of pie? Or three? Try to limit your consumption of sugary foods. Otherwise, bacteria can break down these sugar particles, boosting oral acidity and coating the teeth in a layer of plaque buildup. This leads to enamel erosion and a high risk of tooth decay. So, for the sake of your smile and your waistline, try to avoid seconds on pie and cake.

Drink Plenty of Water

Soda and tea are fun, but water contains no sugar, no staining agents, and can rinse away sugar and food particles from the teeth. You stay hydrated and limit your risk of developing a cavity.

Brush and Floss

Also brush and floss your teeth, especially when you wake up and before you go to bed. Doing so can reduce the severity of plaque buildup and help your smile stay brighter for linger periods. Also, you can remove the food particles that often lead to decay. If possible, you may consider bringing a little floss with you. If possible, you can go to the bathroom and discreetly floss after each meal.

See the Dentist

Once the holidays are over, see your dentist! The doctor can perform a thorough dental cleaning and look for possible warning signs of cavities, treating the issue before the problem progresses. If you have any questions or would like to schedule an appointment, please see our team today!