Do You Need A Filling Or A Crown?

Our teeth are tough and designed to withstand a lifetime of bite forces and assaults from oral bacteria. However, this doesn’t mean they aren’t vulnerable to damage or tooth decay. When this occurs, you need to treat the issue before your tooth develops an infection. We can restore the tooth with a dental filling or possibly a crown. Do you need a filling or a crown? Which one will best address your smile issues?

When Should I See a Dentist?

If you chip or break a tooth you should see the dentist as soon as possible. If you notice tooth sensitivity or toothaches then you should also see the dentist. Any damage to your teeth or persistent discomfort is sign that something is wrong. You need to see a dentist to discuss these symptoms and undergo an examination. The doctor can then recommend whether you need a restoration and what kind will best benefit your smile.

Dental Filling Benefits

A filling is often the procedure recommended to address a cavity. After removing decay the doctor places a composite resin. Containing no metal and shaded to match the tooth structure, the material is cured with a special light. The entire procedure takes one visit to complete, addressing the cavity and stopping further toothaches or sensitivity. If the tooth is chipped we can use the same material as part of a cosmetic bonding procedure.

When You Need a Crown

If the tooth decay is more severe or the teeth seriously damaged, then you may need more than a filling. A crown actually fits over the entire visible portion of the tooth. Made from ceramic, the restoration can be designed and placed in a single day. The restoration will look natural and blend with your smile. If you have any questions abut either of our restorations then please contact our office today.