Do You Need Implant Dentures?

Have you lost most or at least a significant amount of your natural teeth? If so, you may be aware of the difficulties that accompany missing teeth. You have difficulty eating the foods you enjoy, people may have trouble understanding you when you speak, and you can feel embarrassed about your appearance. Fortunately, we can offer a fixed set of dentures secured with dental implants. Do you need implant dentures?

Frequently Asked Questions About Implant Dentures

Question: What causes tooth loss?

Answer: Why do we lose our teeth? Possible factors range from poor oral hygiene to infection to injury or advanced gum disease. The doctor will need to assess the cause of your tooth loss to decide which treatment will best work for your smile.

Question: What if I don’t replace my lost teeth?

Answer: Whatever the cause, losing our teeth can lead to facial collapse and an aged appearance, misalignment, poor nutritional intake, and other issues with your appearance and oral health.

Question: How do implant dentures work?

Answer: First, between six and eight implant posts will need to be inserted into the jawbone. Over a brief period of time, the posts will bond with the bone tissue, allowing the posts to be secured like a natural tooth root. We then use impressions of your teeth to design and fabricate your prosthetic, which will snap onto the implant posts. You can then eat and speak without difficulty. Additional benefits include the fact that implant-retained dentures don’t slip when you speak or eat.

Question: Will they last a long time?

Answer: Yes. In fact, dental implants and dental implant-retained prosthetics can last a lifetime, 25 years and often more. They don’t require adjustment or replacement every five to ten years like bridges or traditional prosthetics. If you have any questions about our tooth replacement options then please contact our office today.