5 Ways A Crown Improves A Smile

A dental crown may seem like a minor restoration, but this little piece of ceramic can actually offer an array of smile improvements. There are a number of different ways a crown can improve a smile, ranging from cosmetic to restorative improvements. With our CEREC technology, we can even create and place a restoration in a single visit.

Improving a Smile with Dental Crowns

  1. They mask teeth stains: Often a person may have permanent discoloration, possibly the result of fluorosis, injury, or certain medications taken in childhood. The dentist may recommend masking these stains, either with a crown or a porcelain veneer.
  2. The restoration can address tooth decay: If you have severe tooth decay then a filling may not be enough the address the issue. The doctor may recommend placing a crown. The restoration will protect the remaining tooth structure and prevent further damage as a result of decay or infection.
  3. We can use them to reshape a tooth: If you have a misshapen tooth or one that has become damaged, then a restoration can help change the shape of your tooth. In a single visit you can enjoy a restored tooth that blends with your smile.
  4. The restoration can repair chipped or fractured teeth: if you have chipped a tooth or developed a fracture, then you have a higher risk of cavities and infection. By restoring the tooth, you can avoid the onset of serious complications. Otherwise, an infection can lead to discomfort or possibly the loss of a tooth.
  5. They can aid in tooth replacement: We can also use them to replace missing teeth. They can secure a dental bridge and top a single tooth dental implant. You can then enjoy a whole smile and replacement teeth that look and function like natural ones.