Do You Want A Shining Smile?

A smile says a lot about us and can be an asset when meeting someone new. However, our smiles can also be source of embarrassment should they develop unsightly teeth stains. Removing discoloration can provide a boost to your confidence. Do you want a shining smile? If so, then you may benefit from professional teeth whitening.

Frequently Asked Questions About Teeth Whitening

Question: How do our smiles become dulled?

Answer: What causes stains to form in the first place? The most common factors are the foods and drinks we consume. Items with a lot of sugar or that contain dark pigments can discolor the teeth. Other possible causes include age, smoking, trauma to the teeth, or the use of medications such as tetracycline.

Question: How can I avoid discoloration?

Answer: To avoid tooth discoloration you should cut back on foods high in sugar and drinks that contain dark pigments, such as tea, soda, red wine, or coffee. You should also brush and floss daily, which reduces the severity of discoloration. We also recommend having your teeth cleaned twice a year to remove plaque buildup, which can lead to more apparent discoloration.

Question: How will I know what my smile will look like?

Answer: If you are wondering how teeth whitening will change your smile, then we can create an image with Snap imaging software. This technology allows the doctor to show a patient an approximation of what his/her smile will look like. You can decide if you want to try a cosmetic treatment to address your teeth stains.

Question: How does KoR Deep Bleaching Work?

Answer: The KoR system involves an initial office treatment, followed by a week to ten days of wearing a gel-filled tray for a set amount of time each day. After a final office visit, your smile can be brightened by multiple shades.