Why Do My Teeth Ache?

If you notice persistent pain in your teeth, you may wonder, “Why do my teeth ache?” Often, pain in your teeth is an early warning sign of a serious oral health problem. Ignoring the issue can lead to serious consequences, possibly even the loss of your tooth. You need to be aware of the possible factors behind an aching tooth.

5 Possible Causes of a Toothache

  1. Teeth Grinding: Do you suffer from bruxism? This disorders refers to the chronic grinding of teeth or clenching of the jaw. Over time, teeth grinding can wear down enamel, crack teeth, or chip them, boosting the risk of decay and infection. All of these issues can cause teeth to ache. We may be able to stop teeth grinding with an oral appliance.
  2. Cavities: A cavity forms when bacteria can reach the inner layers of tooth structure, typically through poor oral hygiene or damaged teeth. Without treatment, a cavity can cause discomfort and a chance of developing infection. In most cases we can address cavities in one visit with a filling or a CEREC dental crown.
  3. Dental Infection: An infection develops once bacteria reach the pulp, the tooth’s nerve center. The infection an cause toothaches to occur or pain when a person is eating or biting down. To prevent the loss of the tooth we can potentially treat the infection with a root canal procedure.
  4. Sinus Infection: Often a sinus infection can cause a temporary toothache. However, if the discomfort doesn’t subside after 48 hours you may need to see the dentist, as this could be decay not a sinus issue.
  5. Chips or Fractures: If you damage a tooth, whether through a fracture or a break, you can develop an aching tooth. Fortunately, cosmetic bonding, veneers, or even a dental crown can restore the tooth.