Q&A: The Benefits Of Invisalign

In previous blogs we have discussed how Invisalign works and what qualities a patient needs in order to be a candidate for clear braces. What about the benefits of Invisalign? Along with an esthetically pleasing appearance, treatment with clear braces can be comfortable and make caring for your smile significantly easier. The treatment simply involves wearing the clear aligners everyday and upgrading to a new set once every two weeks. In a relatively short amount of time you can obtain a significantly straighter smile.

Frequently Asked Questions About Invisalign

Question: Can the aligners be removed before eating?

Answer: Yes. With braces, you must avoid hard or chewy foods, including candies or even popcorn. They can become stuck in your orthodontics or potentially even damage them. With clear aligners you take them out and eat any foods you like. In addition, being able to remove them makes thorough brushing and flossing easier, improving your oral health.

Question: Are they comfortable?

Answer: Yes. Instead of metal orthodontics, you will have a custom-made plastic aligner. This means a comfortable fit and a reduction in gum and check irritation. Many people find these more comfortable that traditional orthodontics.

Question: How long does treatment take?

Answer: On average, adult patients can expect the total treatment time to take about a year. Teens may require up to 18 months to see optimal results. Either way, this is a shorter time span than the two years traditional braces often require. The treatment also requires fewer office visits, a bonus to those with hectic schedules.

Question: How do the aligners look?

Answer: Since they are made from a clear plastic, they are practically invisible when worn. Many people prefer this; especially adults who worry about the affect metal orthodontics will have on their professional appearance.