Clear Aligners Or Clear Braces?

If you have an uneven smile then you may feel self-conscious about your appearance. You may also have an increased risk of developing cavities, periodontal disease, or even TMJ disorder. In order to treat the issue our office offers two different options. Which will best address your smile, clear aligners or clear braces?

Frequently Asked Questions About Clear Aligners and Clear Braces

Question: What are clear aligners?

Answer: Invisalign uses aligners custom-made from clear plastic. The aligners are worn daily to move the teeth into optimal positions. They need to be worn for 20 to 23 hours each day for optimal results. You can remove them before meals or special occasions. Compared to traditional braces, you can expect fewer office visits.

Question: What are clear braces?

Answer: Six Month Smiles uses metal braces, with brackets attached to the teeth and connected with an arch wire. The brackets are clear and the wires tooth-colored, so the orthodontics are less noticeable. We often suggest this treatment for those who wore braces but their teeth have since shifted.

Question: What’s the big difference?

Answer: Invisalign takes about a year to see optimal results. Teens may require up to 18 months of treatment. Six Month Smiles can correct misalignment between three and six months. Every two weeks you upgrade to a new aligner with Invisalign. Six Month Smiles requires periodic adjustments from the dentist to monitor treatment and make sure the teeth are being repositioned as needed. With aligners, you don’t need to avoid foods that can become stuck in the braces. However, with Six Month Smiles we recommend avoiding hard or sticky foods.

Question: Who qualifies for these treatments?

Answer: The ideal candidate is over the age of 16 and has minor misalignment. The doctor will need to examine the teeth to assess the cause and severity of the alignment problems. From there, our team can decide which option will best correct the smile. Currently, you can take advantage of our Invisalign special, which offers a $500 discount as well as free professional whitening and a smile simulator. The smile simulator shows what your smile may look like after treatment.