A Q&A About Six Month Smiles

Have you ever heard about Six Month Smiles? An orthodontic solution to misalignment, this treatment is designed to correct the issue in a short time span and help people enjoy a more even and beautiful smile. Do you have questions about six month smiles? Would you like a straighter smile?

Answering Your Questions About Six Month Smiles

Question: Why do we need orthodontics?

Answer: We need orthodontic treatment to correct malocclusion. If our teeth are uneven then we have a higher risk of developing serious oral health issues, such as cavities, infection, gum disease, TMJ disorder, and even bruxism. Maintaining a healthy smile means obtaining straighter teeth.

Question: What’s the difference between this and braces?

Answer: With traditional braces the dentist applies a set of brackets to the front of the teeth. An arch wire is connected to them. The dentist will periodically adjust the tension as the teeth are moved into new position. Six Month Smiles also uses brackets and wires, but the brackets are clear and the wires are tooth-colored.

Question: What does the process involve?

Answer: We will first need to examine your smile. After assessing the cause of your misalignment and the severity we will decide if Six Month Smiles or traditional braces are the best option. If it’s our Six Month system, then we will apply the orthodontics. The treatment will last between three and six months, depending on the severity of the alignment problems.

Question: Can anyone wear Six Month Smiles?

Answer: The best candidates have minor alignment problems and are over the age of 16. For example, if you once wore braces but your teeth have shifted, then you may benefit from this treatment. As an alternative we also offer Invisalign, which uses clear aligners to improve smile alignment.