Do You Offer Saturday Appointments?

We understand that the workweek is often filled with prior commitments. Work, school, and family time leave few opportunities to schedule an appointment. As a result, people often ask, “Do you offer Saturday appointments?” In fact, we offer Saturday, evening, and in the case of emergency situations, we can see you after hours.

Common Questions About Saturday and After Hours Appointments

Question: What are your Saturday hours?

Answer: On Saturday the office will be open from 7am until 2pm. You can call our office to schedule a visit for that day if seeing our team during the week isn’t an option. For many people scheduling time away from work just isn’t an option.

Question: Are you open during the evenings?

Answer: On Monday through Thursday we do have evening hours. On Monday and Tuesday we are open until 7pm and on Wednesday and Thursday we are open until 6pm. You can schedule a visit for after work or school if that is more convenient. Our goal is to prevent work or school schedules from preventing the necessary dental care to maintain a healthy smile.

Question: What if I have a dental emergency?

Answer: If you have an emergency situation then call our office. We can schedule an after hours visit to address the issue. However, if the problem is life threatening then we urge you to contact 911 or proceed to the nearest emergency room instead.

Question: What are common examples of emergency situations?

Answer: A dental emergency basically involves any damage or discomfort to the teeth or gums. Common examples include toothaches, objects caught between teeth, broken/chipped/cracked teeth, or knocked-out teeth. You also require a visit if you have a loose or lost crown/filling. Don’t ignore any damage or discomfort; instead contact the dentist right away.