Enjoy Same Day Appointments

Despite the strength of our teeth, a sports accident or even biting down on a hard piece of food can lead to a chip or a fracture. When a tooth becomes damaged, you instantly have an elevated risk of tooth decay and/or further damage. To address the issue you need to see the dentist right away. Fortunately, many offer same day appointments.

Same Day Appointments in Rochester, MN

Question: When do I need to see the dentist?

Answer: Seeing a dentist same day typically means you have suffered an injury or sudden discomfort. If you chip or fracture a tooth, or develop sudden pain in the teeth, then you should contact the office and schedule an appointment right away. Otherwise, the issue could progress until you require more intensive treatment.

Question: How do I schedule a same day appointment?

Answer: Simply contact the office and let the staff know you need to see the dentist right away. They will ask a few questions to help the doctor understand what is happening so the office can prepare for your arrival. If the visit is after hours or on a Saturday then they will contact the doctor and arrange a consultation.

Question: Can the doctor address dental emergencies?

Answer: Yes. With a variety of cosmetic and restorative treatment options, the doctor can repair damaged teeth, remove objects caught between teeth, and replace or repair restorations (such as fillings or crowns). The doctor can also aid in the replacement of a lost tooth should one become knocked out or severely damaged in a sports accident.

Question: Does the doctor also offer free cosmetic consultations?

Answer: Yes. If you have issues with the appearance of the teeth then contact the office. During your free cosmetic consultation the doctor will examine your smile and decide which procedure will best address your esthetic concern.