What Happens If I Break A Tooth?

Accidents happen and rarely at convenient times. What happens if you break a tooth? You should see a dentist as soon as possible for emergency dentistry service. Like many practices, our office offers appointments outside of normal business hours, including after hours and on Saturdays.

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Question: What do I do if I break a tooth?

Answer: If you can, try to save any portions of the tooth you find. If not, the dentist can still repair the tooth. If the area is bleeding you can apply a piece of gauze. Likewise, if your face begins to swell you can place a cold compress against the side of your face. Now, you should contact the dentist and schedule an appointment.

Question: What happens if I don’t see the dentist about a broken tooth?

Answer: A chipped tooth is often more than just a cosmetic concern. If the break is severe enough, the sensitive layers of dentin beneath the enamel may be exposed. Bacteria can then reach the dentin can cause a cavity or eventually even an infection to form.

Question: What are my repair options?

Answer: In most cases the doctor will repair the tooth in one visit with dental bonding. The procedure involves the same material as a white filling and restores the lost tissue. If the damage is major then a crown may be placed. Using CEREC technology this can also be completed in a visit.

Question: What if the injury happens outside of normal business hours?

Answer: At our practice we offer after hours and Saturday appointments. Give our office a call and we will schedule a time to see you and repair your tooth. If you have any questions or concerns about our emergency dentistry care then contact our office today.