My Teeth Hurt, Now What?

An aching tooth may be a sign of a serious issue. If you are thinking to yourself, “My teeth hurt, now what?” then you should see a dentist. You may need a filling or possibly even a CEREC one-visit crown. Otherwise, you run the risk of an infection or potentially even losing your tooth.

Why Do Teeth Hurt?

A variety of factors can lead to tooth pain, including a sinus infection, teeth grinding/clenching, or an injury, which may fracture or break a tooth. However, tooth decay as a result of poor oral hygiene is one of the most common causes of discomfort. In order to relieve the pain we will need to treat the cause of the discomfort. Doing so begins with an examination, which uses digital x-rays and intraoral cameras to identify the factors behind the aches and the severity of the problem. From there, the dentist will create a treatment plan.

How Does the Dentist Address the Issue?

In most cases a restoration will be placed to address the problem. A dental filling involves removing decay and adding a composite resin to the tooth. The material will be cured with a light and the tooth polished, repairing the cavity in a single visit. The same material can also be sued to repair a chipped tooth in a dental bonding procedure. For more severe decay or damage, a dental crown may be placed. Using CEREC technology, some offices can actually create and place a crown in a single visit.

Can I Prevent Toothaches?

You can actually take steps top help avoid tooth pain, such as:

  • Having your teeth examined an cleaned twice a year
  • Brushing your teeth twice a day
  • Flossing your teeth once a day
  • Avoiding drinks/foods high in sugar and other starches


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