What Do I Do After I Break a Tooth?

What do I do after I break a tooth?” Well, we suggest seeing our team right away. At Calcagno Cosmetic and Family Dentistry we have the cosmetic and restorative procedures necessary to repair a chipped or broken tooth. Without treatment, the tooth experiences an increased risk of developing decay or becoming infected.

Symptoms of a Damaged Tooth

In many cases the damage is apparent. However, in rare cases your tooth may become fractured or the chip may be so slight you don’t notice. As a result, bacteria reach the layers of tooth structure beneath the enamel, causing decay and even infection. The warning signs include:

  • Tooth sensitivity to hot or cold temperatures
  • Toothaches
  • Pain when eating or biting down
  • Swelling near the tooth

If any of these warning signs sound familiar then please contact our office. The doctor will assess the factors behind your discomfort and recommend the most appropriate treatment options.

Same Day Crowns

As part of our approach to same day dentistry we offer crowns in a single day. We use CEREC technology to create and place a fabrication in one sitting. Frist, we prepare the tooth by removing a small amount of structure. Digital impressions will then be taken and uploaded into a computer, where we create a 3D model of the tooth. The CEREC machine uses the model to craft a crown from a solid block of ceramic. The ceramic material looks natural and provides decades of restoration.


If you have a chipped tooth we can also address it with a veneer. Made using thin shells of porcelain, veneers mask damage or other imperfections. You can enjoy a completely new tooth in as little as two visits. We also recommend this option for patients eager to improve the esthetics of their smile.


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