Interested in Free KoR Whitening?

During June our office will be recognizing National Smile Month. As part of this, we would like to help our patients obtain beautiful teeth free of discoloration. Since Father’s Day is also in June, we are offering free KoR Whitening (a $663 value) when people submit a picture of them and their fathers to our Facebook page. Our favorite picture will receive the free service. To find out more about this system, try our fun and informative quiz.

Try Our Rochester, MN Teeth Whitening Quiz for More Information

  1. True or False: What you eat and drink can lead to discoloration.
  2. True or False: You can reduce the severity of stains with good oral habits.
  3. True or False: KoR brightens smiles from home.
  4. True or False: Our professional options offers advantages over store bought systems.

Answer Key

  1. True. If you consume foods and snacks with a high sugar content, you may develop a plaque buildup that makes stains more apparent. In addition, drinks with dark pigments (such as coffee, soda, and tea) can lead to discoloration. Other habits, such as smoking or tobacco use, can also lead to teeth stains. As you can see, altering your habits can often help your smile stay bright.
  2. True. We recommend brushing your teeth twice a day and flossing once a day to reduce the severity of teeth stains. In addition, you should have your teeth professionally cleaned at least twice each year.
  3. True. The KoR procedure begins with an initial office treatment. From there, you will wear a tray filled with bleaching gel every day at home for a set amount of time. Optimal results are available in about a week to ten days. You then return for one final office treatment.
  4. True. Advantages include more dramatic results, longer lasting results, and a reduction in tooth sensitivity and gum irritation.


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