How Do We Restore Missing Teeth?

Whether due to poor oral hygiene or an unfortunate accident, you find yourself missing a permanent tooth. How do we restore missing teeth? At Calcagno Cosmetic and Family Dentistry, we can provide a secure and lifelike option for replacing lost teeth. A dental implant can look and act as a natural tooth.

Restoring Missing Teeth Quiz

  1. True or False: We may recommend a dental implant.
  2. True or False: Without tooth replacement, you may develop an aged appearance.
  3. True or False: A dental implant can prevent loss of jawbone density.
  4. True or False: The new tooth will look natural.

Answer Key

  1. True. A dental implant consists of three main parts. The first is a post, made from biocompatible titanium. This is inserted into the jawbone, where it bonds with the bone. Next, an abutment is added to the post. The abutment holds a dental crown in place, which replaces the visible portion of a tooth.
  2. True. When you lose a tooth the body registers the missing tooth root. The body responds by suspending the flow of nutrients to the jaw. Without calcium and phosphorus, the bone may dissolve. Soon, the patient develops sunken cheeks, ptotic chins, and other changes to the facial structure that make them appear older.
  3. True. The dental implant post is accepted as natural, so the body resumes the flow of nutrients. This halts the deterioration of the jawbone and helps preserve the facial structure, so you can maintain your youthful visage.
  4. True. We design the restoration that tops the implant based on impressions of your teeth. We use porcelain to create the crown because this material looks natural and blends with surrounding teeth. The result is a new tooth that looks completely natural.


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