Do You Have Questions About CEREC Crowns?

If you have broken a tooth or develop a serious cavity then you require dental restoration. In the past, this meant two to three visits and up to two weeks of wearing a temporary restoration. With our hectic schedules, this can be a serious burden. However, at Calcagno Cosmetic and Family Dentistry we offer an alternative with CEREC. Do you have questions about CEREC crowns?

Common Questions About Single Visit Crowns

Question: Can I really obtain a crown in one visit?

Answer: Yes. We use CEREC technology to create crowns and veneers in a single visit.

Question: How does the CEREC system work?

Answer: First, we will prepare the teeth receiving the restoration. We do this by removing a small amount of tooth structure. Using intraoral cameras we take a series of digital images. The images are uploaded into a computer and used to make a 3D model. The CEREC milling machine then uses the image to craft the restoration from a solid block of ceramic. After we make sure the fit is accurate and comfortable we place the new restoration with a bonding agent.

Question: What are they made from?

Answer: We use ceramic for a number of reasons. First, the material looks like natural enamel, so your restoration blends seamlessly with your smile. Second, the material is strong and can withstand the powerful bite forces that your natural teeth endure. Finally, the natural is stain resistant, preventing the onset of discoloration.

Question: Will they last as long as metal crowns?

Answer: Our metal-free restorations last for decades and can provide the same level of improvement as amalgam crowns. They’re also safe for patients who have metal allergies. If you have any questions or would like to find out more, then contact our office for a free cosmetic consultation.


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