FAQs: Can My Smile Be Fixed in a Day?

People often wonder: “Can my smile be fixed in a day?” What may seem impossible is actually quite possible. Using advanced technology and innovative treatment options our office can provide same day dentistry to address a number of dental issues, from advanced tooth decay to chipped teeth. We can also examine and even clean your smile in a single appointment.

Frequently Asked Questions About Same Day Dentistry in Rochester, MN

Question: What are single day crowns?

Answer: For many years receiving a crown meant a preparation visit, a period of up to two weeks wearing a temporary restoration, and a return to the office for the dentist to place the completed restoration. However, CEREC technology allows our office to prepare the teeth, gather images with digital technology, and then design and fabricate the crown all in one visit. You can improve your oral health in a single day.

Question: Can I have my teeth repaired in one day?

Answer: Yes. With dental bonding and contouring, we can reshape the teeth, buff away pits and groves in the tooth surface, and restore lost structure in a single visit.

Question: What if I have a cavity?

Answer: If you have a cavity we can repair the issue with either a tooth-colored white filling or a dental crown. The fillings can be done in a single day and the CEREC system ensures that advanced decay can be dealt with in one day with a ceramic crown.

Question: How often should I have a checkup and cleaning?

Answer: Another same day set of procedures involves a thorough checkup and cleaning. These preventive treatments are crucial for detecting and treating dental disease in the earliest stages. We recommend undergoing a checkup and cleaning twice a year.


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