Quiz: Do You Have an Infected Tooth?

Do you have an infected tooth? A sudden ache or pain in your tooth may be a warning sign of an infected tooth. If you have an abscess or dental infection, then you require immediate treatment. Otherwise, you have a high risk of losing the tooth completely. In order to help our patients maintain healthy and whole smiles, we offer the latest in endodontic treatment.

Rochester, MN Family Dentistry Quiz

  1. True or False: Tooth sensitivity or a toothache can be a warning sign.
  2. True or False: Untreated decay can lead to infection.
  3. True or False: You may require a root canal.
  4. True or False: Without treatment your tooth may need to be extracted.

Answer Key

  1. True. If you have a dental infection or abscess, then you may experience tooth sensitivity to hot or cold temperatures. A toothache can also be a warning sign. If you experience sensitivity or aching teeth that last more than 48 hours, then we recommend seeing for for an exam. There, we can pinpoint the cause of your discomfort.
  2. True. When you develop a cavity, bacteria will continue to spread and cause the decay to grow. Once the bacteria reach the inner pulp, an infection can arise. Patients may then experience toothaches, sensitivity, fever, swelling around the tooth, and taste a foul discharge.
  3. True. Once the tooth becomes infected, you will need a root canal procedure to improve the health of your tooth. The procedure involves removing the infected tissue and thoroughly cleaning and disinfecting the root canals. We then add a restorative filling before capping the tooth with a lifelike dental crown. Doing so restores the appearance of the tooth and avoids the need for extraction.
  4. True. Eventually, the infection can cause the tooth to die. At this stage, the infection will spread to the surrounding teeth and possible the jawbone itself. The tooth will need to be removed to stop this spread and protect your smile.


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