4 Tips for Cavity Prevention

Interested in cavity prevention? Armed with the right knowledge, you can fight the onset of cavities and protect the health and stability of your smile. At Calcagno Cosmetic and Family Dentistry, our team can educate you on the best techniques for avoiding tooth decay and improving your oral health.

Preventing Cavities in Rochester, MN

  1. Avoid soda and candy: When bacteria break down the sugar particles left behind from consuming foods and drinks, the result is an increase in oral acidity. The outer enamel can become weak and expose the sensitive inner dentin to harmful bacteria. As a result, decay can form.
  2. Have your teeth examined twice a year: The American Dental Association advises people to undergo two checkups a year. During an exam, we will employ advanced technology to identify the earliest warning signs of developing decay. We can then recommend treatment before the problem progresses or leads to a painful infection.
  3. Don’t forget to undergo a teeth cleaning: A dental cleaning is often done alongside a checkup. The cleaning involves the removal of plaque buildup from the teeth. Plaque forms as a result of bacteria breaking down food particles and can weaken the enamel and inflame the gums. By removing plaque, you promote good oral hygiene.
  4. Don’t ignore a toothache: Frequent tooth sensitivity and toothaches are often a warning sign that something is wrong. By ignoring the problem, you may be allowing tooth decay to progress. Soon, you may be a risk of developing infection or a dental abscess. If you have tooth pain that persist after 48 hours, please contact a dental professional right away. We will perform a diagnosis and select the best treatment option to help you enjoy a whole and healthy smile.


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