What are Dental Restorations?

When you damage a tooth or your tooth structure becomes compromised due to advanced decay, you may require a dental restoration. What are dental restorations? Common examples include one-visit crowns and dental fillings. We use these treatment options to rebuild and restore lost or damaged tooth structure. With the right procedures, you can once again enjoy a whole and healthy smile.

One-Visit Crowns in Rochester MN

If a tooth becomes broken or have a severe cavity, then you may need a dental crown. We can place one in a single visit using CEREC technology. We will design and fabricate the restoration, which will be made from lifelike ceramic material. The restoration will then be placed over the visible portion of the tooth. The resulting repair will look natural and blend seamlessly with surrounding teeth.

Tooth-Colored Fillings

In most cases, a cavity will be repaired with a filling. At one point, metal, or amalgam, fillings were the only option available. We can now make them using a metal-free composite resin. This material can be shaded to match the tooth structure, so no one will be able to tell you have a filling. We also use this same material in dental bonding procedures, which offers a one-visit solution to damaged or misshapen teeth.

Porcelain Veneers

Our dental restorations can also have cosmetic benefits. Veneers consist of thin wafers of porcelain we place on the front of the teeth. They are custom-made and offer the same translucent appearance as natural enamel. We can use them to mask discoloration, correct the appearance of minor misalignment, repair damage for misshapen teeth, and even close gaps between teeth. For more information, please contact our office today. You can schedule a free cosmetic consultation to find out more about our veneers.


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