Comprehensive Cavity Detection

The only thing better than preventing a cavity from forming at all is finding it just as it begins to develop. Consider the facts. If we find a cavity well into its progression, you will definitely require a filling. However, what if we could detect the initial formation of tooth decay? Fortunately, we offer comprehensive cavity detection that allows us to offer you exceptional care. Wondering what this means for your oral health and how this seemingly magical feat is possible? Consider the following:

Advanced Technology for the Win

A visual exam and digital X-rays can show us a lot about your mouth. They can certainly provide us with evidence of a fully formed cavity, which will then permit us to provide you with a dental filling. However, we have something even better to catch cavities in their earliest stages. First, we use an intraoral camera, so we can truly offer a comprehensive visual exam. With the use of a small, comfortable lens, we can capture images of the inside of your mouth where our own vision alone simply cannot reach. In addition to X-rays, we will also examine your oral cavity with DIAGNOdent. This handheld device is a diode laser-based fluorescence detector, meaning it uses special light to uncover decay even as it just begins.

The Advantages of Early Cavity Detection

When we see you for your dental checkup once every six months, we can thoroughly check your mouth. So thoroughly, in fact, that we may be able to detect cavities early enough to remineralize them with fluoride and reverse the decay. Or, if the cavity has begun to form, we can provide you with a less invasive dental filling procedure that will restore your tooth before much damage has even occurred.


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