Benefits of Bonded Fillings: FAQs

Have you been diagnosed with a cavity and are already worried about the way your tooth will looking after you receive treatment? Fortunately, you are receiving dental care during a time when you can expect the most from restorative care. So much, in fact, that your smile will often receive the functional repairs it needs in addition to cosmetic improvements. In your case, for instance, you may receive a tooth-colored filling, which will restore both the health and beauty of your tooth. Have some questions that you would like answered before your visit? We have compiled some frequently asked questions – and answers – so you can feel confident about your decision:

Questions and Answers

Question: Is a bonded filling the same as tooth-colored?

Answer: Yes, this treatment goes by many names. You may hear this type of filling referred to as one of the following:

  • Composite
  • Tooth-Colored
  • Bonded
  • White
  • Cosmetic

Question: Why are they known by so many different names?

Answer: This treatment utilizes a material called composite. It is made out of synthetic resin, which we can color-match to your surrounding tooth. Because teeth are referred to as “white,” they are sometimes called white fillings. However, because teeth are not all actually one shade of white, some dentists called them “tooth-colored” for a more accurate approach. Or, we use the name of the material itself to describe the filling. This treatment also offers cosmetic benefits and bonds directly to your tooth tissue, unlike metal fillings of the past. You get the idea – one material offers several uses and advantages, hence the many names.

Question: What are the cosmetic benefits of bonded fillings?

Answer: First, we will match the filling to your tooth, so nobody will know you ever experienced tooth decay. In addition, your tooth will continue to look like it did before your cavity – this is different than what may happen if you were to receive a metal (amalgam) filling. These older fillings often resulted in darkened teeth, disrupting the uniformity of your smile.


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