I Broke a Tooth, Now What?

“I broke a tooth, now what?” This is a common question people come to us with. If you have broken or otherwise damaged a tooth then you now have an increased risk of decay and infection developing. To protect your smile from harm, you need to repair the tooth as soon as possible. We can restore your tooth to optimal function and appearance with same day dentistry.

How Do I Know If I Broke a Tooth?

In many cases, a broken tooth will be obvious. However, if a tooth suffers a minor break or a fracture, then the damage may be practically invisible to the naked eye. Fortunately, there are a number of warning signs you can watch for, including:

  • Tooth sensitivity or a toothache
  • Pain when chewing or biting down
  • Swelling near the tooth

If you notice discomfort in or around the tooth, then contact our office right away. Don’t let a treatable issue progress to something more serious.

What Do I Do When I Break a Tooth?

If you know you broke a tooth, there are steps you take right away to reduce discomfort. First, try to find the missing pieces of your tooth. If you can’t recover them, your tooth can still be restored. You can place a cold compress against the side of your face to minimize swelling. Placing a piece of gauze on the tooth can allow you to stem any bleeding. Then give our office a call.

Restoring Teeth with Same Day Dentistry

If your tooth is chipped and needs repair, can accomplish this in a single visit. Dental bonding can buildup lost structure in one visit, using the same material as a dental filling. Even if you have more severe damage that requires a crown, we can use CEREC crowns to fabricate and place a restoration in a single visit.


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