Month: February 2015

Common Questions About Invisalign

At Calcagno Cosmetic and Family Dentistry, we offer our patients access to clear braces. Dr. Calcagno is actually one of the few Invisalign Preferred Providers in the country. We can help correct misalignment so you can enjoy an even, beautiful smile.

Can Anyone Receive Professional Teeth Whitening?

With professional cosmetic services, people can receive a brighter smile. But can anyone receive professional teeth whitening? The dentist will need to take a number of factors into consideration before recommending a solution to your discoloration. Fortunately, there are multiple options available to brighten teeth and improve your smile’s appearance.

FAQs: The Cosmetic Benefits of Same Day Dentistry

Having a lost or damaged tooth can really affect the beauty of your smile. To restore your tooth to full function and appearance, you may need a restoration. At one point, receiving one meant undergoing multiple visits and possibly wearing a temporary crown. Now, we can create and place one in a single day. There… Read more »

Common Questions About Six Month Smiles

If you have uneven teeth, you probably assume braces are your only option for obtaining a straighter smile. While metal orthodontics are important and can correct misalignment, there are other more esthetically pleasing options available. With Six Month Smiles, we can provide orthodontics that will be practically invisible. Let’s look at common questions about Six… Read more »

Quiz: The Dangers of Missing Teeth

Did you know that losing even a single tooth can have major negative consequences for your oral health? Few people understand the dangers of missing teeth. To maintain a healthy and beautiful smile, you must replace your lost teeth as soon as possible. Fortunately, a number of options exist for returning smiles to full function… Read more »

What are Dental Restorations?

When you damage a tooth or your tooth structure becomes compromised due to advanced decay, you may require a dental restoration. What are dental restorations? Common examples include one-visit crowns and dental fillings. We use these treatment options to rebuild and restore lost or damaged tooth structure. With the right procedures, you can once again… Read more »

Do Children Need Checkups and Cleanings?

As an adult, you know you require routine care to avoid the onset of tooth decay or gum disease. But do children need checkups and cleanings too? Like adults, children of all ages will need to see a dental professional at regular intervals to ensure optimal oral health. At Calcagno Cosmetic and Family Dentistry, we… Read more »

FAQs: Why are My Teeth Yellow?

Our teeth can often become unattractive as a result of yellow or brown stains. People are often wonder: “Why are my teeth yellow?” By understanding the causes of your discoloration, you can know the best options for erasing unsightly stains. With professional teeth whitening you can finally enjoy a bright, beautiful smile.

Quiz: Who Needs Invisalign?

Who needs Invisalign? If you have uneven teeth and desire a straighter smile without wearing metal orthodontics, then you may be interested in clear braces. An esthetically pleasing alternative to traditional braces, you can enjoy barely noticeable orthodontic improvement.

Six Month Smiles vs. Invisalign

In 2012, Kelton Research conducted a study that revealed a lot about how we perceive others. Among the results, Kelton researchers discovered that people with straighter teeth were generally considered more attractive and successful. If you have misalignment, you may feel uncomfortable and wish for more even teeth. With clear braces, our team can correct… Read more »