FAQs: What Can I Do to Prevent Teeth Stains?

What can I do to prevent teeth stains?” This is a common question our team often fields. What steps can you take to avoid the onset of discoloration? With the right steps and some thorough dental maintenance, you can help your teeth remain bright. These same steps also have an added bonus of improving oral health as well.

Frequently Asked Questions About Preventing Teeth Stains

Question: What causes teeth stains?

Answer: Some discoloration appears on the surface, and can be caused by foods high in sugar, which promote easily stainable plaque buildup. In addition, drinks that contain dark pigments, including soda, tea, red wine, and coffee, can cause brown or yellow stains to develop. Smoking also dulls the teeth. In some cases, discoloration can appear below the surface. The use of tetracycline, fluorosis, and injury to the teeth can lead to this type of stain.

Question: Will brushing and floss help?

Answer: Yes. When you brush and floss, you help reduce the appearance of stains and plaque buildup by removing the stray food particles that bacteria feed on. You should brush your teeth twice a day at two minutes per session. We also suggest flossing at least once a day, typically before going to bed.

Question: How often should I have my teeth cleaned?

Answer: The American Dental Association advises people to have their teeth cleaned at the minimum once every six months. However, people with a high risk of developing gum disease may benefit from cleanings once every three to four months. When we clean the teeth, we remove plaque buildup and polish them, so they appear brighter.

Question: Should I try over-the-counter teeth whitening?

Answer: We recommend choosing professional whitening with a dentist instead. Store bought systems don’t offer the same level of whitening and may cause tooth sensitivity and gum irritation.


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