FAQs: How Do CEREC Single Day Crowns Work?

Do you have a busy schedule, one that leaves little to see the dentist for cosmetic or restorative treatment? If so, we completely understand. We don’t want your hectic schedule to stand between you and the quality care you deserve. As a result, we now offer one-visit restorations with CEREC technology. How do CEREC single day crowns work?

Frequently Asked Questions About CEREC Single Day Crowns

Question: When do I need a crown?

Answer: You may require a restoration if your tooth becomes damaged, whether due to injury or advanced tooth decay. We also place a restoration to ensure the tooth looks natural following a root canal procedure. Finally, crowns are an excellent way to help replace lost teeth by anchoring dental bridges into place.

Question: What are CEREC restorations made from?

Answer: We create them using blocks of solid ceramic. A strong and lifelike material, ceramic is also stain-resistant and can endure powerful bite forces.

Question: What does the placement process involve?

Answer: First, we will prepare the tooth receiving the crown by removing a small amount of tooth structure. Then, we will take digital impressions and pictures, which will be used to create a detailed 3D model of the tooth. Using this model, a restoration will be designed and uploaded to the machine. The CEREC machine then mills the tooth from a block of ceramic. We will then check the fit for comfort and accuracy before placing the crown with a powerful adhesive.

Question: Who qualifies for this procedure?

Answer: To see if this is the right procedure for you, we will schedule a consultation. After discussing your smile goals, we will then exam your teeth and assess the cause and extent of your dental damage. At this point we can decide if your tooth will benefit from a CEREC restoration.


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