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Looking for a brighter smile? Many people wish they could have a gorgeous smile without any unsightly discoloration. Fortunately, we offer our patients in Rochester MN teeth whitening. With our innovative cosmetic treatments, patients can have their teeth brightened by multiple shades.

Rochester MN Teeth Whitening Quiz

  1. True or False: Your habits can lead to stained teeth.
  2. True or False: We offer a complimentary cosmetic consultation.
  3. True or False: Kor Whitening can brighten smiles from home.
  4. True or False: For permanent discoloration, you may benefit from porcelain veneers.

Answer Key

  1. True. Do you smoke? Tobacco use can stain your teeth. In addition, eating foods high in sugar and other starches can lead to plaque buildup, which often in turn leads to dental discoloration. Finally, consuming drinks with dark pigments, such as soda, tea, coffee, and red wine can lead to stains on your teeth.
  2. True. To start you on the road to a beautiful smile, we offer free cosmetic consultations. During this visit, we will carefully exam your teeth to discover the cause and severity of your discoloration. We can choose the best option for helping you achieve a brighter smile.
  3. True. With this treatment, you have an initial treatment at the office. Afterward, you will receive a custom-made whitening tray and powerful bleaching gel. For about two weeks, you will wear the gel-filled trays each day for a set amount of time. Then you return to the office for a final treatment. In some cases, patients obtain a smile up to 16 shades brighter.
  4. True. Often, stains form below the surface as a result of medication or trauma. These are referred to as “intrinsic stains”. Kor Whitening can sometimes erase minor intrinsic stains, but for major discoloration you may need porcelain veneers. Lifelike porcelain shells are placed over the front of the teeth, masking teeth stains.


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