If Teeth Are Permanent, Why Do We Lose Them?

Even though it happens way more often than it should, adult tooth loss isn’t something everyone has to experience. On the contrary, your adult set of teeth, or permanent teeth, were meant to last a lifetime. When they don’t, it’s for a good reason—usually, one you could have avoided. To help you prevent tooth loss and preserve your healthy, natural smile, we examine how to avoid the reasons why we lose teeth in the first place.

Reasons for Adult Tooth Loss

Dental diseases

Dental health issues, particularly gum disease, are the most common reasons for adult tooth loss, and yet they’re also the most avoidable causes. When gum disease attacks, it destroys the gums and jawbone that support the roots of your teeth. Left untreated, the disease can wreak havoc with your teeth’s support system, causing you to lose one or more of them by the time you seek treatment.

Dental trauma

Accidental impacts, by their very nature, are difficult or impossible to avoid. If your mouth sustains severe enough trauma, your tooth can be completely knocked out, or damaged bad enough that it can’t be saved. You can lessen the risks of accidental tooth loss by wearing mouthguards whenever you play a physical sport, and by keeping your teeth strong with good hygiene and regular dental care.

Tooth Extractions

Besides severe tooth damage, teeth sometimes require extraction due to an extensive tooth infection, an impacted wisdom tooth, or other restorative reasons. With the exception of wisdom teeth, tooth extractions should typically be followed by a tooth replacement, such as a dental implant and crown that mimic the tooth’s entire root-and-crown structure. The implant is inserted into the jawbone, and once you’ve healed, the crown can be secured to the implant post.


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