Before Teeth Whitening: Keeping Your Teeth Bright

The health of your smile goes far beyond how it looks, but as one of your dominant and most expressive facial features, your smile’s appearance is still important. Stains, which can affect almost anyone’s teeth, can occur in spite of excellent dental health, and significantly impact your confidence in your smile. With your Rochester cosmetic dentists’ help, you can erase common teeth stains and brighten your smile up 16 shades with the Kor Whitening system. We can also help you prolong your beautiful, blemish-free smile with a few tips on keeping your teeth bright with improved hygiene.

The Staining and Dulling of Teeth

There’s more to your teeth than what immediately meets the eye. For instance, their color isn’t dictated by their outer layer (enamel), which is semi-translucent, but by the main structure of the tooth underneath enamel, called dentin. Though enamel is clear, it can still develop stains and distort your tooth’s appearance, often from years of exposure to food and beverages. In many cases, staining is inevitable, but you can reduce the effects of food and drinks to keep your teeth brighter for longer.

Tips for Stain-Preventing Hygiene

Like preventing cavities or other dental health issues, one of the cornerstones of preventing teeth stains is keeping them clean of bacteria and plaque. When bacteria produce acids and weaken your tooth enamel, the color molecules (chromogens) in your meals can more easily stick to your teeth’s surface.

  • Brush after eating, when you can—To reduce the risks of stains, brush your teeth after eating whenever possible. However, we recommend waiting at least 20-30 minutes after eating so your enamel can regain some of its strength before you subject it to the toothbrush.
  • Drink water with every meal—Besides being a highly-effective rinse, water also helps neutralize oral bacteria and the enamel-weakening acids they produce.


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