Keep Your Toothbrush Clean For Greater Brushing

Keeping your toothbrush clean will enhance the quality of your tooth brushing and promote oral health. Our mouths are guilty of exposing our toothbrushes to hundreds of types of bacteria, but storing toothbrushes in bathrooms can also potentially expose them to additional germs. Your Rochester dentists, Dr. Janet Calgano and Dr. Kara Heimer, share some tips on how to store and clean your toothbrush for worry-free brushing.

Storing Your Toothbrush

  • Rinse your toothbrush after brushing to clean off any food particles or toothpaste. Soaking toothbrushes in an antibacterial mouth rinse can kill bacteria that lives on toothbrushes.
  • Arrange toothbrushes separately to block the transfer of germs. Store your toothbrush upright so that it can air dry. Do not store it in a container or cover it because microorganisms thrive in wet environments.
  • Store the toothbrush a good distance from the toilet so that no tiny water droplets can reach it during flushing.

Keeping Your Toothbrush Clean

  • Wash your hands before touching your toothbrush, especially if you have just used the bathroom. This will reduce the chances of intestinal bacteria contaminating the toothbrush and eventually transferring to your mouth.
  • If you fall ill from an illness that is spread through bodily fluids, be mindful of keeping your toothbrush away from others. If possible, purchase a new toothbrush when you have recovered from the illness.
  • Use antimicrobial mouth rinse before you brush so that your mouth possesses a lower level of bacteria. This may decrease the amount of bacteria that could move in on your toothbrush.
  • Maintain regular dental check ups and cleanings every six months. Dr. Calcagno and her team will remove plaque and tartar so that your mouth will house fewer bacteria. Our dentists especially urge patients with gum disease to attend routine cleanings because the bacteria in their mouths may access the bloodstream during normal activities such as eating and tooth brushing.

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