Two Ways to Whiten, But Which Is Best for You?

Teeth whitening in Rochester, MNWhy is it that some of our favorite things in life also happen to be the ones that stain our teeth? Red wine, coffee, and tea are just a few of the most common culprits for surface staining. If you have yellow teeth in Rochester, MN, Dr. Gilly Calcagno offers several teeth whitening options to restore the beauty of your smile.

Am I Candidate for Zoom! Whitening?

For dramatic results in a short amount of time, Zoom! in-office whitening delivers. The system uses a prescription-strength hydrogen peroxide formula to tackle stubborn stains in a series of 15-minute treatments. You needn’t worry about your gums, as they will be protected during the treatment. Following your whitening treatment, you will receive fluoride treatments to fortify your tooth enamel and reduce your likelihood of experienced sensitivity.

Would I Benefit From Kor Deep Bleaching?

If your teeth have been stained by taking certain antibiotics, such as tetracycline, you may require a more intensive whitening solution. Kor deep bleaching is a three-phase whitening system that consists of in-office whitening and at-home treatment. First, you will visit our office to receive a high-powered bleaching treatment. After that, you will wear custom-fitted bleaching trays nightly in the comfort of your own home. For the final stage of your treatment, you will return to Dr. Calcagno’s office once more, where you will receive a second in-office bleaching. By the end of the total treatment, your teeth will have been lightened as much as by 16 shades—far more impressive than what you could expect from an over-the-counter whitening kit. We also recommend the Kor system for patients who have a higher risk of sensitivity.

What If Whitening Doesn’t Work?

Some types of staining, such as those caused by dental fluorosis, do not respond to teeth whitening methods. Fortunately, says Dr. Calcagno, you still have options. Cosmetic dentistry procedures, such as porcelain veneers and dental bonding, cover the badly stained surface of your teeth. Bonding and veneers are also ideal if you require adjustments to the side, shape, and straightness of your teeth.

Do your teeth have unsightly yellow or brown staining? To learn more about whitening your teeth in Rochester, MN, or to schedule an appointment with Dr. Gilly Calcagno, contact our office at 507.316.6288. We welcome patients living in Winona, Red Wing, St. Charles, Farmington, and the neighboring areas.