How to Choose between Veneers and Bonding

Bonding or VeneersIf you are embarrassed by your smile, you have a number of cosmetic dentistry options that can improve your appearance, self-confidence, and dental health. However, choosing the right procedure to obtain your optimal results can be a challenge. Two treatment options that offer similar results are porcelain veneers and teeth bonding. Dr. Gilly Calcagno, your Rochester, MN dentist offers both procedures and will gladly help you choose the right procedure to achieve a stunning, healthy smile.

Veneers and Bonding Basics

Veneers are a relatively recent cosmetic dentistry development, but they have become extremely popular in the last twenty years. These thin porcelain shells attach directly to your teeth, masking cosmetic flaws such as chips, cracks, and severe stains. You might also choose veneers to close gaps between your teeth, change the shape of worn teeth, or even alter the appearance of slightly crooked teeth. Dr. Calcagno offers traditional veneers, same-day CEREC veneers, Lumineers®, and Durathins®.

Teeth bonding can correct many of the same cosmetic issues as veneers, including structural flaws, misshapen teeth, stains, and gaps between teeth. If you choose bonding, Dr. Calcagno will apply composite resin to your teeth, carefully sculpting it so that it looks like your natural tooth structure. The resin is also custom dyed to match your own tooth color.

The Advantages of Veneers

The biggest advantage of dental veneers is their incredibly lifelike appearance. Dental enamel is slightly translucent; light shines through this layer and reflects off the underlying layer of dentin. Like dental enamel, porcelain is also translucent, meaning the porcelain shells are virtually indistinguishable from your natural teeth. Veneers also come in a wide range of colors, so you are sure to find a shade that matches the tint of your smile. Another reason to consider porcelain veneers is that they typically last longer than teeth bonding.

The Advantages of Bonding

Bonding is often a more affordable and convenient cosmetic option. In many cases, porcelain veneers require several trips to the dentist. If you choose traditional veneers, Dr. Calcagno may have to remove a very thin layer of enamel from your teeth in order to make room for the porcelain. Although this procedure is very safe, you may prefer bonding, since it does not require the removal of any tooth structure. Additionally, dental resin integrates easily with the structure of your tooth. Because of this, the procedure can often help to strengthen weakened or compromised teeth, while at the same time enhancing the appearance of your smile.

Want to Improve Your Smile? If you have more questions about bonding or veneers call Dr. Calcagno at 507-281-3659.  She will gladly explain each procedure and help you choose the best option based on your oral health, budget, and desired results. Dr. Calcagno proudly treats patients from Rochester, Red Wing, St. Charles, Winona, Farmington, and the surrounding areas.