Comfort and Convenience with Invisalign Clear Braces

clear bracesImage-conscious teens and adults with crooked teeth sometimes have trouble accepting the idea of wearing braces to straighten their smiles. Although teeth misalignment can impact your confidence by diminishing your smile’s appeal, the conspicuousness of metal braces can make some patients hesitate to undergo orthodontic treatment. After all, if the goal is to improve your smile’s cosmetic appearance, then metal brackets and wires might seem counterproductive. With Invisalign clear braces from your Rochester dentist, Dr. Calcagno, you can enjoy a straighter smile without having braces attached to your teeth. In fact, Invisalign’s aligners are designed to keep your treatment comfortable and discreet so you can straighten your teeth without anyone knowing.

Worried About Braces?

One of the most common concerns about metal braces is how they impact a patient’s daily life, from dominating your smile’s appearance to affecting how you clean and care for your teeth. Conventional braces usually come with a list of foods to avoid, and directions for brushing and flossing around your braces’ components. Food, bacteria, and dental plaque can get stuck in your braces, increasing your risk for developing dental diseases. At times, the brackets and wires may jut out and scrape against the inside of your cheeks and lips. By eschewing traditional braces for innovative clear aligners, Invisalign avoids most of the complications associated with braces for a more comfortable and convenient experience.

The Benefits of Removable Aligners

Invisalign clear braces are comprised of a series of clear plastic aligners that gradually guide your teeth into more desirable positions. The aligners are specifically designed to fit your smile, and the series follows a prescribed path of movement designed by Dr. Calcagno. The many benefits of Invisalign clear braces include;

  • Eat what you want—since there are no brackets and wires, and since the aligners are removable, you can eat whatever you like (reasonably) without worrying about your meals remaining stuck in your braces.
  • Brush and floss normally—you can also remove your aligners before brushing and flossing your teeth, so you can practice good hygiene without having to work around brackets and wires.
  • Smile without revealing your braces—the clear plastic material and custom-fit of Invisalign aligners make them virtually invisible when in place.

About Your Family Dentist:

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