The Cosmetic Dentistry Quiz

beautiful smile womanYour smile is one of your most dominant features, and along with your eyes, it can attract someone’s immediate attention during a first impression. Keeping your smile bright and healthy isn’t a difficult task, but unfortunately, cosmetic blemishes can still occur even in the midst of excellent dental hygiene. Luckily, the more you know about maintaining your smile’s brilliance, the better equipped you’ll be to prevent or treat issues that can diminish its appeal. Find out how much you know about preserving your smile’s beauty by taking our brief quiz below, provided by Rochester cosmetic dentist, Dr. Calcagno.

About Your Beautiful Smile

1.) Crooked teeth are a common concern that has cosmetic as well as functional effects on your smile. What is the proper term that refers to the alignment of your teeth?

a.) Occlusion                                                                      c.) Orthodontics

b.) Orientation                                                                  d.) Osseointegration

2.) If tooth stains don’t respond to chemical teeth-whitening, what other option can free your smile of severe stains?

a.) Dental bonding                                                           c.) Dental crown

c.) Porcelain veneers                                                      d.) All of the above

3.) What cosmetic dental option can help eliminate numerous tooth blemishes on multiple teeth at the same time?

a.) Dental bonding                                                           c.) Dental crown

b.) Porcelain veneers                                                     d.) None of the above


1.) Occlusion—Many cosmetic dental treatments focus on correcting the alignment of your teeth, known as occlusion. When your teeth are not in perfect alignment, the condition is known as malocclusion, and can affect how well your mouth functions as well as how pretty your smile is.

2.) All of the above—Dental bonding, porcelain veneers, and dental crowns are all useful cosmetic dentistry tools, and in cases of severe tooth stains, either of them can effectively conceal your blemishes. Choosing the right option will depend on your specific needs.

3.) Porcelain veneers—Veneers are wafer-thin shells of dental porcelain that are bonded to the front surfaces of your teeth. When your smile is afflicted by more than one blemish, especially if the imperfections are on more than one tooth, then Dr. Calcagno will likely recommend porcelain veneers to transform your smile with minimal disturbance to your healthy tooth structure.

About Dr. Calcagno:

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