Improve Smile Health with General Dentistry


Our teeth are under constant assault. Everything from the foods and drinks we consume to our habits, such as smoking, increase the risk of serious dental problems. In order to help our patients maintain healthy teeth and gums, your Rochester MN dentist, Dr. Gilly Calcagno, offers general dentistry. With general dental care, Dr. Calcagno can diagnose and treat common dental issues in the earliest stages.

Rochester MN General Dentistry Quiz

1. True or False: You should undergo a checkup twice a year.

2. True or False: Dental cleanings help prevent gum disease.

3. True or False: Your Rochester MN dentist uses advanced technology to provide an accurate diagnosis.

4. True or False: Dr. Calcagno offers tooth-colored fillings.

Answer Key

1. True. The American Dental Association recommends adults and children over the age of three undergo a checkup once every six month. During this visit, your Rochester MN dentist will examine your teeth and gums for signs of developing dental problems, such as tooth decay.

2. True. Over time, plaque buildup coats our teeth and irritates the gums. Without a cleaning to remove the plaque, the gums may become inflamed, increasing the risk of gum disease. A cleaning also allows our dental hygienists to polish your teeth, removing stains.

3. True. Using DIAGNOdent dental lasers, Dr. Calcagno can discover cavities that still remain invisible to the naked eye. Intraoral cameras and digital x-rays allow Dr. Calcagno to peer beneath the gum line, identifying common dental problems before they require costly and invasive treatment.

4. True. Metal fillings aren’t your only choice for cavity treatment. Using composite resin, Dr. Calcagno can place a filling that blends with your surrounding teeth. This material can also be used in dental bonding procedures, repairing cracked or chipped teeth and masking permanent teeth stains.

About Dr. Calcagno:

Dr. Gilly Calcagno is a member of the Academy of General Dentistry, American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry, the American Dental Association, and the Minnesota Dental Association, and is active in local dental implant study clubs. To schedule a consultation, call Calcagno Cosmetic & Restorative Dentistry today at (507) 281-3659.