Dr. Calcagno Talks about the AAWD

history of AAWDThe AAWD, or the American Association of Women Dentists, has been in operation since the late 1800s and continues to thrive. In the association, female dentists work together to support one another in business and as professional health care providers.

Dr. Gilly Calcagno, your Rochester, MN female dentist, shares some interesting information about the AAWD in today’s blog post.

How Did the AAWD Get Started?

In 1893 a woman named Dr. Mary Stillwell-Kuesel, alongside 12 other members, began the AAWD in Philadelphia. After 1898, the group went on a hiatus, and a listed record of their status didn’t resurface until 1921.

During an annual ADA (American Dental Association) gathering in 1921, AAWD representatives announced the formal establishment of the group. Members made perfectly clear that organization was not meant to ostracize women from other dental associations. The sole purpose of the AAWD was for women to collectively share interests from the differing fields and disciplines of dentistry.

After the announcement, the organization expanded and the primary goal of the AAWD changed. Today, this group of women mentors other female dentists entering the dental world. Additionally, the AAWD provides female dentists nationwide a network of dentists to rely on, in case their aid is ever needed.

Other Affiliates of the AAWD

While the AAWD is geared specifically toward women, the organization is affiliated with a number of the well-known dental associations. Some of these groups include:

  • The ADA (American Dental Association), which is the oldest and largest dental association worldwide. The ADA represents over 150,000 dentists, including your Rochester, MN dentist, Dr. Calcagno.
  • The AGD (Academy of General Dentistry), which is a working community of general dentists, focused on providing excellent dental care. Dr. Calcagno is also affiliated with the AGD.
  • The NDA (National Dental Association), which is primarily concerned with ethnic minorities in the field of dentistry. This group creates educational and financial opportunities for those who wish to become dentists.

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