Rochester, MN Pediatric Dentist: Top-Rated Baby Toothbrushes

baby with toothbrushHave you recently started brushing your baby’s teeth? Then this article may benefit you. After a baby’s first tooth erupts, dentists usually recommend that you brush their teeth with an infant toothbrush. These brushes have extra soft bristles that work perfectly for a baby’s mouth. However, finding the right brush may seem overwhelming due to the myriad of available options.

To help her patients select the correct baby toothbrush, Dr. Gilly Calcagno, your Rochester, MN pediatric dentist, shares the following informative blog post.

Toothbrushes Safe for Your Little One

  • Bendable Banana Baby Toothbrush. This banana shaped toothbrush is completely bendable to access your baby’s mouth with ease. Additionally, the bristles prove soft enough for an infant’s mouth, yet provide plenty of durability to clean their teeth and gums effectively.
  • Baby Buddy Toothbrush. If you baby is particularly fussy at teeth cleaning time, this brush may make daily brushing a little easier. The design of the brush contains bristles on either side of the head to allow coverage on lower and upper teeth at the same time. Plus, the entire Baby Buddy toothbrush is soft just like a chew toy, which provides your baby with some teething relief.
  • Fingertip Toothbrush for Babies. This brush is perfect for babies who only have one or two teeth and little biting force. The fingertip toothbrush fits right over your finger, which makes maneuvering in your baby’s mouth quite simple. Furthermore, the gummy-like material allows the baby to bite down and massage their aching gums.
  • Teether Toothbrush. Your Rochester, MN pediatric dentist highly recommends this toothbrush for babies who like to grab their infant toothbrushes. This brush looks just like a teething ring; however, the portion that goes in the mouth is a toothbrush. Your baby can grab the sides of the ring and chew their way to clean teeth.

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